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Vintage Tremolo Setup Tutorial - Ultimate Guitar vintage tremolo setup

smokernarb Strat-Talk Member. I usually do part of my own setups, but decided this time to get my setup done entirely at a luthier local, as the bridge screw holes needed to be re-drilled. That being said, I received the guitar, and think the bridge looks to be a bit too high.

For a vintage-style tremolo bridge, a great way to enhance its performance is to pull the bridge back flush with the body using the tremolo arm. Then loosen all.

Learn how to balance floating, two-point style Stratocaster systems.

It's not for everyone, but locking down a Strat trem can resolve many tuning If you find you miss your trem, you can always return to a floating bridge setup. It had a vintage-style, six-screw bridge—not the two-post design of.

Alternatively, pull the tremolo arm away from the guitar body to add to the spring Vintage-style, or "synchronized" tremolo (six pivot screws).