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The Brisbane Golf Club and QAS member Charlie Dann has won Australia's most prestigious amateur golf event and now has his sights set.

MELBOURNE, Australia (January 7, ) -- When Charlie Dann dropped a 50cm par putt on the first playoff hole at Royal Melbourne, more.

The Australian Master of the Amateurs is an amateur golf tournament. The event is a Golf Yu Chun-an; David Micheluzzi; Charlie Dann; Aaron Wise; Zach Murray; Simon Viitakangas; Viraat Badhwar.

How was it Charlie came up out of stupid nightmares screaming, but never thought to do it before They were amateurs in deep trouble, five loose cannons.

'Ah've been trying to shorten ma backswing a wee bit, Charlie, Ranta said, taking a few preparatory waggles with the club, mair accuracy ' Suddenly Ranta.