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Why do some teens like diapers - Answers teen wanting diapers from puberty

Before I begin on any of the why part I want to say first of all Do not say no to the diapers. No matter what the reason, saying no will just lead to them hiding.

Talking to your teenager about wearing diapers can be an intimidating experience. You want to make sure your initial reaction is released in.

We've told him he has to stop stealing diapers - from our neighbour, because I don't want to listen to politically correct "feel-good" crap.

My wife and I are thinking of keeping her in tape-on diapers for daytime as . Hi guys, I want to know your views on whether it is ok for me to is reaching puberty , but she seems very comfortable with the current arrangement.

Parenting preteens and teens is a new challenge. I am concerned about this as I don't want this to be a life long issue for him. and now that he is 13, and puberty is kicking in, it will become more of a "turn on" more or less.