Timeouts don't improve behavior. With many kids, they incite power struggles. - teen time-outs vs holds


Column: Why you should never use timeouts on your kids | PBS NewsHour teen time-outs vs holds

And any time you punish a child, you make him feel worse about himself. provide a “holding environment” for the child, giving him the message that his out of.

Originated by psychologist B.F. Skinner, timeouts are a form of light many, many parents) are almost sure to read this and say, “Hold on there, cowboy! And when they're teens, that relationship is your main, maybe only.

Teens and discipline: Too old for time-out That doesn't mean you shouldn't have house rules or hold your child accountable, you just may.

Be careful not to hurt your child or yourself. If your child will not stay in time-out, hold the door closed from the outside. Some parents have to do this at first.

Some experts insist that timeouts work for all, but Shu and Pantley disagree. She suggests holding a child with these fears in a bear hug and.