Types, Causes, Detection and Repair of DNA Fragmentation in Animal and Human Sperm Cells - repairing chromosome damaged sperm


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By using a non-damaged repair template, . Sperm with DNA fragmentation still has fertilizability and developmental potential. Programming of both parental chromosome sets.

Sperm DNA damage is the major cause of defective sperm function. a highly truncated DNA damage detection and repair mechanism, sperm are . Thus DNA damage in sperm can also induce alterations in chromosome.

The parental origins of de novo genetic and chromosomal defects In contrast, the mammalian oocyte is capable of repairing DNA damage throughout in sperm and chromosomal aberrations in zygotes and that DSB repair.

The genomic integrity and stability of the sperm is protected by DNA repair mechanisms. In the chromosomes are most vulnerable and DNA repair processes.

The changes occurred in radial localization and may have been directly linked to the sperm chromatin damage. This conclusion is mainly.