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Before talking about stripe size, it is important to mention the term stripe width, which equals the number of drives in a RAID array: for example.

My mobo has a SATA 3Gbps Intel controller, you can choose between 4 to kb STRIPE SIZE when setting up a raid. I will raid0 on Win7 64bit.

So I wanted to test a few things, firstly, I wanted to test the performance of RAID 0 with different stripe sizes, so every RAID has been tested in all.

Solution: What Adaptec is describing is "strip", or stripe element, size so I would go with 64K in your case.I agree with Patrick. Even if you stick with four.

I'm in the process of upgrading my computer with 2 new drives in RAID 0. 2x WD 1TB SATA 6GBs. What is the optimal stripe size?.