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Activities · Balance. wife doesnt want sex You feel like you rarely have sex anymore, and when you do it feels like she's doing you a favor. You work out, you .

When a wife continually does not want to have sex with her husband both spouses I have to admit that there have been times when I didn't “want it” when my.

If you feel like your wife isn't interested in you sexually, do not despair. So here are 10 reasons your wife might not want sex: 1. .. initiated by myself, and honestly not enjoyable as I knew she didn't really want to be there.

If your spouse is rarely in the mood for sex, there might be something more going on than you'd expect. Here are some possible mood-killing.

Quite frankly, I did not walk down the aisle to marry a man like that, and I can reckon most wives didn't either. He treats her more like a child rather than his wife .