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Jessica Williams, MD, tell us why your legs may shake after sex and how you “ Know what you your normal is, and if your legs do shake, be sure to hydrate.

The body loses control a bit during orgasm, and once it begins, it usually cannot be stopped. Is it normal for men to shudder or shiver after cumming/sex?.

He wasn't the whole time and it wasn't toward the end but earlier on. Just curious what that would be about? And if it happens to other guys as.

Is it normal that a guy tremble a bit after the ejaculation? Sex Trembling, shuddering, shaking, quivering, spasming, and A lot of men have this phenomenon @kenmele: What do u mean by "not THAT good"?.

Why does this guy (that has been getting with me for years) get all shaky? Sometimes I'm afraid his knees are going to buckle. It's like he's shivering sometimes.