Female ejaculation: What is it, is it real, and are there any benefits? - squirting while having sex


How to Squirt During Sex - Squirting and Female Ejaculation squirting while having sex

During sex, some people with vulvas experience the involuntary emission of fluid. This has become known “squirting” or “female ejaculation”.

Like coconut water, culottes, and CrossFit, squirting is having a moment. Squirting is when fluid comes jetting out of a woman's vagina, often.

I was under the impression squirting only happened during orgasm, but for Do you squirt every time you have sex, or is it something that only.

Female ejaculation is when a woman's urethra expels fluid during orgasm or sexual arousal. It can happen when a female becomes sexually aroused, but there is not necessarily an association with having Squirting fluid.

Squirting during sex, or female ejaculation, comes naturally for some women. But for others, it may be possible to learn. Here's your guide to.