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A Jewish American Princess wearing a Juicy sweatsuit and holding a Coach . As she gets to know Klugman, she engages in sex to speed the.

Jewish-American princess (JAP) is a pejorative Cosmopolitan article "Sex and the Jewish Girl" and the.

Within her first two minutes on screen, it’s evident that Shoshanna Shapiro is a Jewish American Princess. Though he’s only just met Shoshanna (and she’s ridiculously high), he can tell what kind of girl she is. “I’m not a f**king JAP day care,” he says. To understand the.

The Jewish American Princess was the subject of significant magazine cover stories in the early s for Cosmo—“Sex and the Jewish.

Jewish girl, normally found in the following areas: the Northeast, including the tri- state area (NY, CT, NJ). Normally shortened to "Jap" this girl dresses only in.