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a term for anal sex commonly used in the UK. It is not uncommon nowadays for prostitutes to offer "A" levels for no extra compensation. #a levels#o.

Your handy guide to knowing the difference between your A-Levels and a Girlfriend Since time immemorial, sex-workers have had to rely on slang and There's no real definition of what that means so a collection of.

broken down the meaning behind the most common sex worker slang used. Same applies to sex workers, who use slang and abbreviations to A-Levels. Put simply, this refers to anal sex. End of. X-rated. Image: iStock.

A LEVEL is "School exam (UK)" or "Anal sex". A LEVEL Definition / A LEVEL Means. The definition of A LEVEL is "School exam (UK)" or "Anal sex". The Meaning.

surely you cant be serious!!! I thought everyone knew that. 'A level' is anal sex. 'O level' is oral sex. from a few years ago when Britain had 'A level' and 'O level'.