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Learn more about how damaged hair follicles become infected. Certain types of folliculitis are known as hot tub rash, razor bumps and barber's itch. and pimples that form near hair follicles of the face and upper body.

Irritation, ingrown hairs, sparse spots, dandruff, acne and beard bumps when hairs first sprout from follicles and then curl back into the skin.

Hair follicles are tiny pockets in your skin. You have them just Barber's itch; Hot tub rash; Razor bumps; Shaving rash. Continue Reading.

This is a common skin infection that develops in the hair follicles. pseudo folliculitis or razor bumps, men often see these on the beard area when they shave.

When growing out a beard, avoid shaving or trimming so that the hair can advance beyond the follicle. This will reduce risks of irritation and.