Mountain Dew Shrinks Testicles - mt dew make penis smaller


Urban Dictionary: Yellow 5 mt dew make penis smaller

Does drinking Mountain Dew cause one's testicles to shrink? Does Mountain Dew cause shrinkage of penis size? A Word to Our Loyal Readers. Support Snopes and make a difference for readers everywhere. Read the.

Dear Almighty Matt: I've heard a rumor that Yellow Dye #5, which is an ingredient in Mountain Dew, causes your penis to shrink. Is this true?.

I remember in elementary school kids would laugh when they saw me drinking a Mountain Dew because the Yellow 6 ingredient or something like would make.

no it lowers ur sperm count but thats only cause of caffiene. so anything with caffiene that were true tho that would mean that all the.

Samantha: "Why are you drinking that Mountain Dew, don't you know it has Yellow 5 in it?" Andrew: "Do you honestly think they would sell a product that shrinks your to the development of an urban legend about it causing the testicals to shrink. Not only shrinks tesiticles. its been scientifically proven to reduce penis size.