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Pretty Messed Up: Rock of Love 2’s Daisy De La Hoya | LATINA daisy from rock of love 2 naked

Daisy de la Hoya has endured a few hardships since appearing on Season 2 of Rock of Love and starring in her own spinoff Daisy of Love. She struggled with.

by Damian Bellino 2/12/ Daisy de la Hoya stole America's hearts on the second season of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Where Are They Now: The Ladies Of Rock Of Love .. I want to know where London is he was so sexy!!.

Remember Daisy Delahoya? The spunky, breakout star of Rock Of Love 2 ended up runner-up for Bret Michaels's affections but that didn't stop.

After weeks of sex, tears, and cat-fighting on VH1's hit show, Rock of Love 2 ( think Flavor of Love gone from hip-hop to hair metal), the rocker.

Daisy De La Hoya failed to win Brett Michaels' heart on Rock of Love 2, but she walked away a winner. A hit with fans, she got her own VH1.