Intra-anal condyloma: surgical or topical treatment? - internal anal wart


Management of internal genital warts: do we all agree? A postal survey. internal anal wart

WHAT ARE ANAL WARTS? (burning), surgical excision (removal), or a combination of both, are used to treat larger external and internal anal warts.

Intra-anal warts are observed predominantly in persons who have had receptive anal intercourse, but they also can occur in men and women.

Michael offers his perspective on what it's like to have anal warts as someone who loves to bottom, and the importance of finding.

An examination for anal warts involves an internal exam with a tool called an anoscope to look for warts inside the anal canal. Your doctor may.

Anal warts develop due to the human papillomavirus. If a person has anal warts that are internal or very large, a doctor may suggest surgery.