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I'm going to lay down some truths for you. If you compare yourself to a pornstar, you're always going to fall short. The sex we see online or in.

Men who know how to ejaculate farther and don't dribble have more stamina. Learn how to cum far like movie stars who always shoot their load of jizz further.

I hopped off so he could ejaculate and we both watched in awe as his baby batter flew During sex, some men's ejaculated semen shoot out of their penis while.

I remember a time, not long ago, when it would shoot a few feet. Is there a way to Should we measure how far the ejaculate goes? Is it about.

When I ejaculate, it just seeps out, as if there's not force behind it. Is this normal? Do you have it? Is there something I can do to shoot my sperm harder? Thanks.