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walk through for orgasm girl 2

Undress the 3 sexy girls while they sleep and make them orgasm.

Game - Orgasm Girl 2. In this game you have to get Orgasm to sleepy Girl. Honestly, I can't go this game through so if you don't know what and how to do use.

the guide that I'm reading says the Wake UP bar goes down slower than the Orgasm Bar and this just isn't true! I understand, I have to rub the clitoris, which is really difficult, are there any tips that you can give me to help beat the first level? I even timed her Wet Panties and.

You are Orgasm Girl - giving sexy girls orgasms in their sleep! in their sleep. Enjoy! Walkthrough available here: lp/.

Guide: The aim is to interact with the game elements in the right order to fill up the Orgasm meter without depleting the State meter. The game Level 2: left nipple ( bra) touch. left breast (bra) touch. right nipple (bra) touch.