How to Measure Distances in the Night Sky | Space - angle of fists


Measuring the Night Sky angle of fists

Open up your fist, stretch your little finger and thumb as far as you can and curl To do this, stretch your hands in front of you and measure the angle between.

When you hold your hand at arm's length, you can estimate angles like The span is 15 degrees; Clench your fist at arms length, and hold it.

If you extend your arm and make a fist, the fist itself extends an angle of about 10 degrees. Your pinky finger will extend an angle of about 1 degree. Using this.

This is the Moon's Hour Angle. It is an angular measurement from the meridian to wherever the moon is in the sky. You'll find it using the number of fists you.

You can also use your clenched fist as a sextant to measure the height of the moon, star, or planet above the horizon. Your clenched fist.