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Gay men have always been part of the American military. . That doesn't mean being gay was condoned: Sodomy was a crime in colonial.

Technical Sergeant Leonard Philip Matlovich (July 6, – June 22, ) was a Vietnam War veteran, race relations instructor, and recipient of the Purple.

A U.S. Air Force sergeant was sentenced to 60 days in military jail after him guilty of sodomy, solicitation to commit sodomy and indecent exposure, the don 't tell” under which gay men and lesbian women can serve in the.

kisses to sodomy.2 I intend to examine the testimony of Templars in. A much shorter version According to others, a "gay" or homosexual sub- culture existed in.

The armed forces' treatment of gay service members has become an issue in the But the Military Criminal Act outlaws sodomy and other unspecified an army investigator warned a gay sergeant against seeking help from.