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is donut dick bad? went i just pump a little, i even get a little bulge around the glan. it always disappears by the next day. i've lost so much.

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The Best Penis Pumps: Water, Electric, and Precision Pumps for a Larger Member Penile pumps can help with penis growth and also erectile dysfunction .. and there is even a silicone “donut” around the base which helps to create a strong and if you stop using the pump regularly, then your penis will gradually revert.

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I got so fat, I lost my penis. By Jane It was a shock and the first thing I reached for was a donut. As the years went by, I piled on the pounds. . My sex life didn' t stop just because I was pounds and I've slept with more than women to date. Family sues 'master' over son's testicle-pumping death.