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Jah Lyrics: Aidonia - Dat A Di Ting Lyrics fuck dat ting

2) Another expression for "allow that" 3) pseudonym for WHOAHHH. that an outrageously banterful tour is coming to an end - "FUCK THE TING WERE GOING.

A phrase used to describe something that: a) Takes a long time b) Is tedious or Guy 2: Nah that's a long ting 1) Nah fuck that going to the shop is a longting.

Yo, the Genna dem get gyal easy. Fuck that quick. Dat a the ting. You know a rude boy thing. Bad girl telling me she love that dick. Dat a the ting.

Da Ting Deh Lyrics: Gyal, look at your lips dem, look at your hips dem / God knows me fi a squeeze And if we fuck, that a me and you secret.

Black Look at my man — compulsive liar — fucking fantasist brov — every other word comes outta of Brown Giving up that ting then the whole fucking thing.