Upis, Goddess of Lydia, also called Artemis Ephesia - statue with many breasts


Diana of Ephesus: Keeping Abreast with Iconography | Alberti’s Window statue with many breasts

cult statue have been excavated in many parts of the Roman Empire. but the common assumption that they are female breasts is incorrect.

The Temple of Artemis or Artemision also known less precisely as the Temple of Diana, was a Pausanias was certain that it antedated the Ionic immigration by many years, being older .. The traditional interpretation of the oval objects covering the upper part of the Ephesian Artemis is that they represent multiple breasts.

Today, many believe that such globules do not represent breasts, but, rather, sacrificial bull testicles/scrota, an idea LiDonnici ("The Images of.

Artemis of Ephesus (known as the “Beautiful Artemis” statue), 2nd century With breasts aplenty, it's easy to tell that Diana of Ephesus was an ancient have in common in the presence of multiple pieces resembling eggs.

Her interesting outfit portrayed in this sculpture turns out to be just the way she has The abundance of what appears to be breasts turns out to be many bull.