Nipple Discharge: An Early Warning Sign of Breast Cancer - dark discharge from breast


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WebMD explains breast and nipple discharge and what it might indicate. Know what to look for and learn about the possible reasons for.

A nipple discharge may look milky, or it may be clear, yellow, green, brown or bloody. Nonmilk discharge comes out of your nipple through the same nipple.

Nipple discharge can be: Clear (serous); Milky or cloudy; Green or yellow; Bloody (pink or red); Brown or black. In non-breast feeding women.

Nipple discharge may not be a sign of a serious health condition. Find out brown or cheese-like, mammary duct ectasia (blocked milk duct).

Nipple discharge (ND) can be the earliest presenting symptom of breast cancer. . Many authors have regarded white, yellow, green, brown/black ND as.