Condom Codes Let Users 'Check In' to Safe Sex - ABC News - condom on bedpost


Used-condom interactive map: TMI? - The Globe and Mail condom on bedpost

The website is a digital version of notches on the bedpost, except the bragging Here's a recent entry on the website's used-condom map.

Malaysia contraceptive maker Karex launching 'nasi lemak' condom . to its bedpost by acquiring UK condom maker Pasante, US brand ONE.

Condoms with QR codes allow users to 'check in' whenever and It's not about digital notches in your bedpost," Engebretson told ABC News.

If all your bedposts are whittled down to mere toothpicks, it may just count "You only have to have sex without a condom once to catch an STI.

Dave Hill on the death of condom culture. They listed big money, a big car, and getting lots of notches on their bedposts. Of these, only the.