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Bottom of letters cut off in Word bottom half of letters word

chose a font size that is larger than your line spacing? tom bo wrote: When typing in Word () only the bottom half of my letters appear. What.

I have a document where the 'y' and 'g' letters get cut off on the bottom but only on every other line of text. How can I fix this? Wednesday.

In this photo (sorry it's sideways) the whole part of the word shows on the screen in Word but the bottom part of some words is cut off when I printed. It also happens when I convert the document to PDF or try to use a text box. My guess is that you have the "Line Spacing" set to.

Familiar words are instantly recognized, and idioms, common phrases, all make reading much faster than if we had read words letter by Of course, we are not constrained to just removing the top bottom or top half: here.

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