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Learn about ten notable Asian Americans who have contributed to American history Saund discovered that his career options were limited due to anti- immigrant At age nine, Ma made his musical debut at the famed Carnegie Hall in New.

This page is a list of notable Asian Americans. Contents. 1 Academia; 2 Arts/ architecture/design Hubert Vo, Vietnamese immigrant, became the first Vietnamese American elected to the Texas Legislature in Leana Wen, prominent Asian American and public health leader, currently Commissioner of Health in Baltimore.

Asian-American history is the history of ethnic and racial groups in the United States who are of .. as the famous Delano grape strike they were led by the famous Asian American activists and labor organizers Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong. . , Immigration from Asia surpassed immigration from Latin America .

Asian immigration to central North America predates the existence of the United The Opium Wars of and against Great Britain also inflicted.

Famous Asian Americans: Match the names of famous Asian Americans to their Asian American, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Philippines, Asia, immigration.