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Black Widow Deer Lures widow maker deer pee - Purchase Mohr's Widow-Maker Hunting Products - Buck Lures, Scents and Deer Calls.

1 Whitetail Deer Scents and Lures. We have everything from Premium Doe Estrus Lures, Dominate Buck Urines and Scent Accessories.

We offer only the best doe in estrus, and buck urine scent. We collect it and bottle it fresh every year. We take back any left over scent from our dealers at the end.

A fresh buck urine with tarsal gland and interdigital gland. Starting in early September, you can put mock scrapes on trails leading to food sources from bedding.

Black Widow Deer Lures is the only scent company that strictly collects and bottles fresh deer urine from the southern whitetail deer. Southern.