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"The term 'clitoris' piercing is kind of a misnomer, because actual clitoral glans piercings are so rare," Angel explains. "However, piercings of.

If you're thinking about getting a clit piercing, here's everything you need Style: Getting your actual clitoris pierced (through the glans) can be.

Although widely termed as a "clit piercing" (in reference to the clitoral glans), piercing of the actual clitoris is fairly rare because of the risk of.

Piercings through the glans of the penis include the ampallang, which passes horizontally, and the apadravya, that passes vertically.

According to Elayne Angel, master piercer and author of The Piercing Bible, a clit piercing — also known as a clit piercing or a clitoral glans.