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If a person has a vagina and a penis, do they both function normally? 8, Views · Can a person There's limited tissue and something is either one or the ot.

A person, such as myself, who has both male and female genitals and secondary sex characteristics. a person with the secondary sexual traits of one sex, but the sexual organs of the other. 1. That hermaprhodite has a penis and a vagina .

I am a hermaphrodite, i was born with both a penis and a vagina. AMA Does the penis look like a normal one? My penis looks fairly normal, but it is small.

Vaginas change in temperature, and the penis can feel that, but one person's temperature on one day doesn't make their vagina unique to.

In many cases, it is actually only one penis split along the shaft. SUMMARY: The rectum, vagina, and urethra converge into one nauseating.