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There are 4 ways to take (measure) a temperature: A digital thermometer is best for taking temperatures by the armpit and mouth. Fever strips and pacifier thermometers do not give an accurate temperature.

What is a normal body temperature? Normal body temperature is about degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or 37 degrees Celsius (°C). How do I take my temperature orally with a digital thermometer?.

The most accurate way to measure temperature is to take a rectal reading. Fever. In most adults, a fever is an oral temperature above °F (38°C) or a rectal.

A fever in adults is a temperature of 38ºC (ºF) or above. to suck; Take off excessive layers of clothing - small babies or children may be left in a thin vest.

When dealing with recurring fevers in children or adults, it's not uncommon to become concerned with what is the best way to take a.