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Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) is a sudden unexpected death of adolescents and adults, mainly during sleep. One relatively common type is known.

Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome, or SADS, is when someone dies suddenly following a cardiac arrest and no obvious cause can be found. This affects.

Sudden death syndrome (SDS) is a loosely defined umbrella term for a series of cardiac syndromes that cause sudden cardiac arrest and possibly death. In people of this age, the unexplained death is known as sudden adult death syndrome (SADS). One particular condition, Brugada.

Conditions responsible for SADS cause a cardiac arrest by bringing on a disturbance in the heart's rhythm, even though there is no structural heart disease .

Both these studies advocated identifying these cases by a name, the sudden adult death syndrome (SADS), to highlight the problem and deal.