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Little Red Riding Hood's full story is pretty dark. Unlike the modern version, where a naive and trusting girl who can't tell the difference between a wolf and her.

We all remember the story of the Little Red Riding Hood. A beautiful story of a little girl who goes to deliver a basket of food to her sick.

Adult Fairy TalesRoanna's life is a happy one, full of love It felt more just like a different version of red riding hood with an erotic ending that I skipped. I would.

Amy "Red" Riding's Hood (Adult fairy tale erotica) - Kindle edition by Liz Adams. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Red Riding Hood, which premieres March 11, is hardly the first movie to transform a children's tale into a sexy adult story. This lusty version of the fairytale does pull a few gems from the text, including when Rosaleen.