- play therapy with adults journal articles


play therapy with adults journal articles

Research has demonstrated that Play Therapy techniques can be Successfully incorporated into therapy for adult clients, including those with: developmental.

This article reviews the theoretical underpinnings of play therapy, some practical and finally a summary of the current state of research in regard to play therapy. no longer wishes to engage in play, desiring instead to be treated as an adult.

Article (PDF Available) in International Journal of Play Therapy 12(1) · January with Person-Centered Play Therapy is used to help two adults with.

ABSTRACT OF GRADUATE STUDENT RESEARCH. Dissertation Therapists were asked to rate the effectiveness of play therapy with adult survivors. On a.

Play therapy capitalizes on such therapeutic powers or changing mechanisms This review article aims to provide a brief description on the use of play as An attempt has also been made to list out some of the research Thus, play therapy for children is similar to counseling or psychotherapy for adults.