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If you're wanting to organize an internet scavenger hunt for adults, check out these 10 tasks you can have them complete to learn more.

For the past two years, a mysterious online organisation has been on one of the Internet's most enduring puzzles; a scavenger hunt that has led For some, it's just a fun game, like a more complicated Sudoku; for others.

Click the "Anytime Scavenger Hunts" link to search out Internet Scavenger Hunts that might be used at any time Hundreds of great themed teaching ideas.

While there's no shortage of resources available online to help you organize a scavenger hunt for the latter, there's less content out there when.

An Internet scavenger hunt or CyberHunt is an educational lesson which introduces the Internet . He created the hunt to encourage adults to explore the resources on the Internet. Gates distributed the questions to various Usenet newsgroups.