Phonics for Adults:Teacher Offers Advice and Experience - how to teach phonics to adults


Story by Story Phonics Lessons | Adult Education and Literacy | U.S. Department of Education how to teach phonics to adults

Learn where to start teaching phonics for adults. Find out about the kinds of difficulties adults often share.

Adults with poor reading skills often blame themselves for their reading problems. But most people who struggle with reading do so because of the instruction they failed to receive as children. Phonics for adults, starts with how the letters of the alphabet are pronounced.

There's currently a buzz around the inclusion of phonics in the Entry Levels of the English Functional Skills qualification. I wrote this post when the original.

Teaching using the phonics systems available is a wonderful bridge for adults to learn reading quickly. Through phonics, adults who are just learning to read will.

A collection of 12 short stories from a contextual phonics program for teaching adults to read. Each story is available online and in portable document format.