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A receiver with a UCAS module embedded and perhaps a Titanium card and number of odd channels on the Sky box if you tune in H 3/4 what is currently happening on adult satellite TV without resorting to.

Since the birth of Satellite TV uncensored hardcore Adult channels have been available to view if you have the correct satellite receiver, viewing card and dish.

Q: Will Adult Viewing Cards work in my Sky Satellite Box? A: No, you need a Q: Are the adult channels you supply hardcore or softcore? A: SCT, Redlight TV.

These European adult channels show uncensored, hardcore adult content not to be confused with adult channels available via the UK SKY TV platform. HD broadcasts in the MPEG-4 format and can only be viewed with a suitable receiver.

You'd be surprised, when I worked at sky it was mainly older people or the it didn't "work" for them, or we traced the gay porn to the teenage sons box. . It was hardcore porn edited so it didn't show erections or penetration.