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Facial exercise does take time and persistance and it will be helpful to . I recently discovered LouLou's Ageless through this forum and have.

Even with being lean my face tends to bloat a bit. I fight that by doing face exercises. I've done them on and off for 15+ years and they definitely.

Facial Exercises. Discussions on how to do Finger position Exercise 1. by Fred » Tue Sep 25, How to do the scalp exercise correctly. by S» Tue Jun

I've been doing these "old skool" Jack Lalanne face exercises for the past three months (edit: two years now) and new Take pics of your face on day 1 and another one on day Basenotes Forums - Powered by vBulletin.

Open Forums You don't have to pay thousands to get a face-lift from a plastic surgeon. I recommend just typing 'facial exercises, face exercise, or any variation, into a video search and start trying out all the different styles.