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But most of those miles for most of us are spent slogging back and forth to work, often in miasmatic clouds of traffic. People are in a rush.

The first ever upload of a local mid Michigan ABC 12 news reporter drawing an obvious penis on the screen while describing a construction zone. Check out Rob-n Jared for some cool videos too.

Red slowly drives Blue insane in the fast lane to nowhere. Dick Figures was created by Ed Skudder, who wrote, directed and voiced the episode along with Zack Keller. Dick Figures Get season 1 on YouTube.

Red drives Blue insane in the fast lane to nowhere. (on a freeway where a lot of cars are honking, Blue is listening to Pachelbel's "Canon in D".

A message from motorracing legend Dick Johnson! "Race drivers can only go so fast because the tracks, the cars and the safety equipment they wear are.