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The Delightful And The Dark: Exploring Roald Dahl’s Adult Fiction | TCR dahls adult

Roald Dahl wrote stories for adults, too, and they offer the same pleasures as his children's books, David L. Ulin writes.

Above: Roald Dahl at work in his writing hut at Gipsy House, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. 6 feet, 5 & 3/4 inches – Roald Dahl's adult height ( metres) .

Roald Dahl may be known for his children's fiction but his adult fiction is equally delightful. Find out more about Dahl's writing for older readers.

Dahl's first four adult books — published between 19— are eminently collectable in pristine condition. However, all are notoriously difficult to find.

Roald Dahl remains one of the most iconic writers for children books ever. But his creative genius was not limited to only children fictional.