My girlfriend has noticed that I masturbate in my sleep - can you masturbate while sleeping


Sexsomnia | Psychology Today can you masturbate while sleeping

Only one prior case of sleep masturbation has been documented by Military personnel also observed that he would masturbate while asleep.

Some people have a sleep disorder known as sexsomnia, in which they act If you have ever acted out sexually while sleeping, you're not alone. as masturbation, fondling, intercourse, and sometimes rape while they are.

These behaviors range from masturbation to sexual intercourse. Doing things you can't recall doing while you were asleep can be alarming.

You may find that being stressed, drinking too much coffee, alcohol and some medication makes you do weird things in your sleep.

Masturbating during sleep is a form of sleep-sex, a catchall term for But if he's not troubled, then you should try not to worry, too (as long as.