Adult Baby Pacifier | Assorted Size 6 - adult sized pacifier


Littleforbig Adult Sized Pacifier/Dummy for Adult Baby ABDL - Three Color Pack - adult sized pacifier

THREE ADULT SIZED PACIFIERS IN ONE PACK! BEST VALUE FOR MONEY! DISCREET SHIPPING!!! A different color pacifier can be used every day! Three.

IMPROVEMENTS from BIGSHIELD GEN1 PACIFIERS. New shape to match a popular baby pacifier, Larger button for easier DIY decorating, Clear silicone.

Silicone Size 6 nipple with Over sized Guard. These adult pacifiers are larger versions of the ever popular Gerber NUK pacifiers. The shield is approximately 2 .

OS - Adult Size Nipple for Pacifier - - Oversized pacifier nipple - Silicone BPA & Latex-free or Latex NUK5 About - Adult Size Nipple for.

Three pacifiers (Pink/Blue/Ivory) in one pack. These adult sized pacifiers will definitely quiet your big baby. With a larger nipple, guard, and ring then a true adult.