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P.O. Boxes are not permitted for these items and are Signature Required. must be shipped via FedEx Ground and requires an adult signature on delivery.

If it won't fit in the PO box, the buyer will have to go to the counter anyway, so why . At $, I would insure it and require an adult signature.

Delivery Confirmation: UPS will mail you a confirmation of delivery without a signature. Signature Required: UPS will obtain the recipient's signature or other electronic acknowledgement of receipt from the recipient when this option is selected and provide you with a printed copy.

Text Box Seniors Intervention Group Seniors Intervention Group (SIG) is a program in central Florida that is focused on improving the lives of older adults.

Review occupational therapy interventions and strategies applied to older adults with Depression Diagnosis Mnemonic: SIG-ECAPS BOX S: Suicidal.