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A dietician has given an insight into a community of adults with extreme picky eating habits, including a client who only eats red and orange food. By the age of five, most children stop being “fussy” about what the eat and try a great range of foods, British Dietetic.

As parents, we tend to be so irritated at the quarreling and immature fussing of our children. Yet, it is no more attractive in adults. I have been.

She draws a distinction between two forms of fussy eating in young . Adults have mature biological systems for dealing with toxins in their.

Bob Krause is 63 years old, but admits he eats like a 4-year-old.

Infant—infant play without the involvement of the adult, e.g., adult Infants respond with anger to the adult, fussing, and rejection of the toy (D); others persist.