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May 18, In this article, we look at how to treat adult diaper rash using home or other substances found in personal hygiene wipes or lubricants.

Sep 29, Adult diaper rash can often be treated at home. We'll explain how to treat and prevent this skin condition.

Jun 26, Diaper rash (diaper dermatitis) is a skin problem caused by the skin staying wet, to chemicals in skin-cleaning "diaper wipes," or to the detergents or fabric Treatment for diaper rash is the same for both children and adults.

Jan 7, Adult diaper rash symptoms typically present as irritated looking skin and can be very uncomfortable. Irritation is caused by a combination of.

May 16, Allergic reaction: The rash may be a reaction to diaper wipes, If the child (or adult) appears to have a candidal infection, the doctor may.