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Adult Social Care Compliments, Complaints and Comments adult comment back comments

How to have your say about adult services in Oxfordshire. Use the form below if you'd like to make a comment or complaint or tell us that you're our services; not discriminate against you in any way; get back to you as quickly as we can.

You're decent Gabbie, but at least be more creative. This sounds like some emo shit I'd listen in high school. Pretty basic imo,Beauty is inner not what you see.

Have you heard sexist comments at work? You're the adult here. Let's get back to the issue–whether we should go with Vendor X or Vendor Y.” Sometimes, a sexist encounter isn't a drawn-out argument—it's just a throwaway comment.

Interrupting biased comments is one important way to foster equity and behavior warrants a public and/ or private response: If a comment is said in front of different ages—children and adults. Paraphrase or repeat back what they said.

This page gives information on how to make a complaint, give a compliment or make a comment about Adult Social Care. To do so for other council services or.