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abaco adult female island

A, adult female Conception Bank Silver Boa (Chilabothrus argentum) from Photo by R.G.R. D, young adult male Abaco Boa (C. exsul) from Abaco, Bahamas . a terrestrial herpetofauna largely in common with other islands in the region.

Approximately 60 percent of the population is urban, a proportion that is growing rapidly as young adults migrate from out-island settlements to the urban areas.

Bahamas (Great Bahama; Abaco; Little Abaco;” Biminis;” Berry Islands;” Eleuthera; New Providence; Andros; Cat Island; One adult female from Abaco Island.

Bonhote, Ibis, , (Andros and Little Abaco islands, Bahamas; crit.). Six adult females from Abac«One adult female from Little Abaco Two adult females.

More western Bahama Islands (Abaco, Eleuthera,” New Provi. dence, Andros, San Salvador" or Cat 62 50 21, 3 Two adult females from Green Cay .