Providing incentive and reward

Most ecommerce brands have a content strategy, using it to inform, entertain, and engage consumers about a product or service.

For subscription box brands, the key is to make this content as relevant to the product as possible, often creating content that revolves around how to make the most of what’s inside the monthly box.

Brands are also beginning to recognise the benefits of expanding this from blogs or videos into other marketing channels. For example, Sephora’s subscription service Play! works in conjunction with the brand’s wider app, as well as the ‘Play Pass’ that allows customers to find out more information on box products in Sephora stores.

Essentially, the product alone is no longer enough, and it is through the promise of additional value that subscription box brands capture new subscribers.

Another tactic that falls under this umbrella is the referral programme, which rewards subscribers for telling their friends. This strategy is beneficial for the brand in multiple ways. First – with consumers four times more likely to believe a friend rather than an advert – it can be an effective acquisition tool. Secondly, it rewards the referrer, which helps to continue the cycle of advocacy and build loyalty to the brand.

Dollar Shave Club encourages customers to share with their friends with an incentive of $5 credit. While this is not the biggest or best example of a reward, the site’s easy-to-use form and Facebook plugin makes it super easy for users to do so.



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