Motor Club Of America Security Plan Benefits

As a member of the MCA, Motor Club of America, you will receive numerous services such as Emergency road service, where you can have fuel delivered in case you did not have enough fuel to last you the whole journey. You can always receive a tire change in case yours becomes burst. Other emergency road service includes Wrecker towing service, Lock out services and so much more. All you will have to do is to call the Toll Free MCA number. In case you have already acquired a garage service, Motor Club of America will gladly pay the reasonable service charge and you can always receive a free towing service of up to 100 miles to your preferred destination courtesy of MCA.

MCA Benefits Vary By State

For any other legal issues such as Arrest bond, Bail Bonds, Attorneys fee, Attorney services and Attorney discounts, are all covered and provided under MCA. For an arrest bond, the motor Club of America Membership Card allows you to access up to 500 US dollars in case of a traffic violation. Though the certificate is allowed in many states, some states may end up declining the certificate like California.

In states such as Maryland the certificate may be allowed up to 1000 dollars while others they may be accepted for 500 dollars or less. For other violation such as bail bonds for vehicular manslaughter or negligent homicide that is automobile related, you may end up receiving up to 25,000 US dollars for the release bond.

Medical And Hospital Benefits

Members of the Motor Club of America also receive benefits such as Emergency Reimbursement, Daily hospital benefits, Accidental health benefits and travel assistance program in case you as a member are involved in a covered accident that may require emergency treatment within 24 hours. For the emergency reimbursements you may receive up to 100 US Dollars for X-Rays, Casts or Splints, Anesthetics, Ambulance services or ER facilities. For the daily hospital benefits, you will receive a total of 150 dollars each day from the day of hospitalization for 365 days if the accident has been covered.

Other MCA benefits that you may enjoy include a stolen vehicle reward of 5,000 dollars in case your vehicle is stolen and may also be able to discourage theft. The reward will not be handed to you directly but will be handed to the law enforcement agency in case your vehicle is found. Credit card protection, free discount cards for dental care, vision care, prescriptions and so much more.

More For Your Monthly Charge

For a monthly charge you will receive numerous security benefits from MCA in case you are involved in an accident or you may need to pay an arrest bond or bail in a covered auto related accident. Why wait, head over to their official website and get the MCA Total Security Plan.

To learn more about the Motor Club Of America Benefits watch the video below.