How to Make a Heart Shaped Paper Custom Boxes?


How to Make a Heart Shaped Paper Custom Boxes?


Heart shape resembles to the love and affection, and in this tutorial I will teach you making a heart shape gift box. This requires little efforts and few measurements; this require only 10-15 minutes. We will work on red color cardboard sheet, this will yield fascinating and out of the box look. This handmade box will surely be better than any other premade box. The major feature of this box will be its material, cardboard is a thick paper and easily available let’s start and move toward the required tools and gadgets.

A pencil, ruler, cardboard sheet, glue, cutter and sense is required, all these are common and essential domestic tools. These are easily available and affordable tools.

Just not be clutter things, manage a separate place for this small project, and arrange a table top, plain and rigid surface.

Step by step procedure to present a heart shape box – a handmade box

  1. Just get a white piece of paper, in square shape. It dimensions should be 12cm x 12cm, height and width respectively. Fold it exactly from the center. And draw the half heart shape with the help of pencil. Just cut it down, put the waste paper in the bin. Make sure the shape should exactly look like the heart shape, otherwise it will be deform. The drawing of heart shape should touch the extreme up, right and bottom of the paper.
  2. Now in second step, place such heart shape cut piece on the red color cardboard sheet and portrays the heart shape sketch and cut accordingly. Here keep in mind your cutting, edges and work should be clean and looks aesthetically done.
  3. Cut two same size hearts, these small hearts will be used as the top and bottom of the Custom Boxes, if these are rigid the structure of the box will be strength and hard enough to carry some weight. So, for his purpose I always advocate to get 22pt paper sheet.
  4. Again sketch a 5cm x 21cm long sheet, cut it and fold its one long side edges. After this by using scissor make cut at equal distances say every 1mm on the folded edge only. This image will show you the real task here, just check this image and do accordingly.
  5. Also check this cutting image and do accordingly.
  6. I’m sure you are getting all this procedure with the help of visual images and steps. In this 6th step I will show you how to apply glue on the sheet. This long strip like sheet will be the borders of your box. Just fold it and after applying glue on them. Glue, an adhesive material will stick with the paper and this wall will act as sides of the box.
  7. Also check this image, how to shape the walls,
  8. I guess at this step you should be quite happy as you have seen what I am doing, continue this sheet procedure and complete the box. If you feel such box non-rigid then, couple of layers of the sheet could be glued and the strength would be double or triple respectively. The bottom as shown in the image can also be double in layer that would increase its strength. For folding just draw a pencil line first and fold the sheet accordingly. This is mandatory otherwise you will lose its finishing and outcome would be transformed.
  9. Hurrah! I have done this basic structure of the box. Now the next step is crating its lid, because without a lid it is incomplete and non-fascinating one.
  10. For this sketch same size another heart shape on the sheet and cut accordingly. In addition to this also prepare a 2.5cm width and 21cm long sheet paper for lid. Look at this image this will clear you about this.
  11. By managing these two strips lids can be produce easily. Just fold the edges of these strips, apply glue on the heart shape edges and stick the cut pieces by folding them alongside.
  12. Yeah the procedure is the same, here I would give you a tip, when you are cutting lid heart shape for your Custom Boxes, make sure the size of the lid is always cut 1-2mm bigger than the heart cut for the bottom of the box. Otherwise the lip or cap will not adjust perfectly on the box; this extra space will provide you ease and space to fit on the box. If your forget to spare some extra space, ten go back to the last step and cut again the lid heart shape.
  13. Great, another thing to be discussed here is the lid bottom looks pathetic, how to manage this, do you have any idea in the mind, yes, I have.
  14. Cut another pieces of heart shape and place on it aesthetically, with the help of the glue. Now your box is ready. This is essential otherwise your box would not be used for gift purpose. This is magical way to hide pitiful marks.
  15. Here it is, you have done with the job. Now the next step is its decoration. First check my box in the image.
  16. The decoration could be adjust in couple of ways, you can add greetings, welcome messages, write some quotation to express feeling, paint smiles to show the love and pleasant sense. In addition to this buttons, ribbons, tapes glitter and funny foam characters could be place. All these embellished items will add some value in the box and yield a fascinating and attractive one. Her them main challenge is its finishing, that could only be achieved by managing tools properly, accurate measurements, stay away glue from table, nice cutter and accuracy in all other tasks. When you present your gifts in such kind of boxes, these will memorable and looks cute. After all you can display them on your bedroom table as a decoration piece, furthermore, by using the same procedure and adjusting measurements; any large size box could be made.