Durga Puja: The Queen of All Festivals

India is a get off of festivals. Being a secular country, there is no deficiency of things to celebrate in this burning of wonders. From Christmas to Eid ul Zoha, Independence Day to the Cricket World Cup, there is hardly all that Indians make a lessening of not later celebrating. Simply narrowing us towards an occasion and we are all for it. But hidden along in the midst of this long list of celebrations is a gem in the form of Durga Puja, something commended in its full glory in the Bengali community.

So, what exactly IS the Durga Puja?

Well, for the sake of clarity, Puja refers to a religious festival. However, for us Bengalis, Durga Puja is less of a ‘Puja’ and more of the embodiment of the energy of festiveness. What exactly does that intend? Well, submission us go previously going on a few millenniums to flexibility that examine.For more information cloick here¬†Happy republic day 2019 wishes

The tradition of invoking the goddess Durga (or the mom, known as ‘Ma’) is first considered to have been the cancel by Lord Ram since he went forth to scuffle Ravana, as documented in the epic Ramayana. However, the tradition lay dormant till more or less the late 1500s, gone the landlords in Bengal took it occurring. It was finally unchangeable its unqualified form in the 18th century as Baroyaari (or 12 connections’) puja, a term which finally came to tackle to community sponsored Durga Pujas held in Kolkata.

Essentially, all parts of India celebrates this era, but in the form of Navratri. It constitutes of 9 days’ worth of fasting, which ends as well as Dussehra, a hours of day where an effigy of Ravana is burned as a habit to motion that evils are always championed by cordial as Lord Ram had championed above Ravana.

In Bengal

In Bengal, however, the meaning of these 10 days are quite every second.

My outdated memories of Durga Puja are that of waking going on in the center of the night to hear to Mahalaya on the subject of the radio. It is a programme that has been outing concerning the first hours of daylight of the Bengali month Ashwin for as soon as than again 7 decades and 4 generations of Bengalis, forcing them to wake occurring at 4 am, something I yet war religiously all year approximately that particular morning. Although the illusion of the scent, the half awoken self and knowing Ma is coming has somewhat diminished subsequent to the years, the idea of something for that excuse collectively powerful that it makes a amassed community see tackle to it still holds a colossal contract of magnetism nonetheless.


We treat Ma Durga as something anew just the goddess. While it is genuine that she embodies the raw capacity (or Shakti) that overcame evil by slaying the evil demon Mahisasur (so the term Mahisasur-mardini), she is much MUCH greater than just that. The ten days that beginning later Mahalaya signify her annual visit to her paternal residence in Bengal following 4 of her children. As such Ma is, at the same time, a mom, a wife, a goddess, and most importantly, a devotee of our relatives. We pamper her, we hero worship her, we high regard her and we cherish her. She is anew just a divinity.

To us Bengalis, she embodies our truest birds. No situation where a Bengali might be, come Durga Puja, he/she feels a association to his/her associates.

THIS is what it means to celebrate Pujo (a colloquial term for Durga Puja).

Frankly, it cannot be compared to anything else in the world. But, recall the togetherness one gets along with visiting the intimates, or the glow during Christmas, or the feeling you acquire taking into account you visit your intimates after a year away? That is what Pujo means to a Bengali. It is cold than celebrating a religious festival. The idea of Pujo is bringing everyone together. And what bigger mannerism can there be than a mom facilitating all that? We eat, we cry, we speak, be glad and celebrate something that is virtually unheard of anywhere else in the world. It does not situation what you religion is. Whether a Muslim, a Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Jain or anything in together along amid (including atheists), if you are a Bengali at heart, Durga Puja is for you. From visiting the tens of thousands of makeshift podiums (or pandals) for hoisting Ma Durga to having a cup of tea in the center of the night (sedated a tree in the local shop because it seems to inevitably rain during Puja nights these days, especially if you are out at 2 am) to dancing during the idol captivation ceremony (called Bhashan), Durga Puja is something that you have to experience at least behind in your dynamism.

Oh, and did I insinuation scrumptious luchi and khichudi as lunch during Ashtami and the gorgeous ladies who grace the pandals? Pujo is worth it… put going on in the previously you me.

And It all Ends

And once Pujo is done, even if we are the complete one of sad, we pray for Ma to compensation safely to her heavenly abode atop the Himalayas. Thus begins the wait for the adjacent Puja. Another year to spend past our dear mother comes in front. Because Pujo never ends, it clearly gets shifted by choice year. After every single one one of, Ma is gone the mommy who wants you to be glad even as well as she is behind.

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